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J.P.D. News

April, 2014

(ABOVE) Newly appointed JPD Officer Dustin Cain shakes hands with Mayor Roy Terrell Sr after taking oath.

Dustin Cain fills J.P.D. vacant spot.

Cain, 26, the son of John and Teri Cain of Sullivan County has been chosen to fill the vacancy left by retired Police Chief Rick Van Horn.

Dustin Cain comes to J.P.D. having already graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 2012 and worked 2 years as a Deputy for the Greene County Sheriff's Department. That along with being a certified Data Master operator and completed the Reid School of Interviewing Technique, we believe Dustin is a great addition to the Jasonville Police Department and the City of Jasonville!

March 2014​

After 34 years of service to the City of Jasonville, Rick Van Horn has worked his last shift as Chief of the city's police department. Van Horn retired as Chief, a position he has held 32 or his 34 years.

January 30, 2014

The Jasonville Police Department is currently looking to fill the position of Jasonville Police Reserve Officer. Applicants must: be at least 21 years of age, live in or close to the City of Jasonville, be U.S. Citizen, have High School Diploma or equivalent, pass a thorough criminal and/or character investigation, must not have a Felony or serious Misdemeanor conviction, have nearly free automobile accident record, a valid drivers license, a valid Indiana handgun license (carry permit), have a verifiable good record of previous employment, be in good mental and physical health, be willing to appear before the members of the Jasonville Police Department, Jasonville City Council and/or the Board of Public Works and Safety, and finally be able to complete the training as required by the Jasonville Police Department, and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

Anyone interested should come to the Jasonville Police Department located at 251 W. Main Street and apply or refresh your current application.

October 25, 2013

Retired Jasonville Police Canine "Boo" passes away at age 11. Boo, handled by now Assistant Police Chief Jim Gadberry served with the Jasonville Police Department from May, 2003 to March, 2007. Boo played a vital role with the department and the City's fight against drugs. Boo amazed onlookers with his intense "sit and stare" when giving a positive response to the presence of illegal drugs and was feared by anyone on the receiving end of his apprehensions. Although retired since 2007, Boo will be sadly missed by members of JPD and the community.

August 30th, 2013

J.P.D. Officer Andrew Duguay has successfully completed the Firearms Handgun Instructor Course at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Andrew will now provide firearms instruction for not only J.P.D. but other departments in the county.

August 20, 2013

J.P.D. is happy to announce that Matthew Duckworth has successfully completed his 40 hour pre-basic requirements as well as over 100 hours training to become our newest reserve officer.

July 15, 2013

On Monday, July 15th, the City of Jasonville received $18,000.00 USDA Rural Development Grant to help purchase new Police vehicle. Pictured above City Clerk Treasurer Jane Landry (2nd from left), Mayor Roy Terrell Sr. (3rd from left) and Assistant Police Chief James Gadberry (3rd from left) pose with the new fully equipped 2013 Police SUV. Asst. Chief Gadberry thanked all involved who helped throughout the grant process, with a special thanks to USDA Rural Development Loan Specialist Craig McGowen (5th from left) who Gadberry said was a huge factor in getting us (J.P.D.) through this process!  

February 8th, 2010

Andrew Duguay fills J.P.D. vacant spot.

Upon the recommendation of Jasonville Police Chief Rick Van Horn, the Jasonville City Board of Public Works and Safety along with the Jasonville City Council approved Andrew M. Duguay as a new police officer filling the vacancy left by Mike Ladson.

Duguay, 21, is the son of Daniel & Anita Duguay of Sullivan County. Andrew graduated from North Central High School, attended Vincennes University with a Major in Law Enforcement and has worked in the security department at Shakamak State Park.

Terre Haute couple nabbed for allegedly dealing 'meth'

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

By Anna Rochelle, Staff Writer

A couple from Terre Haute who drove down to Greene County on Monday, allegedly to make a drug deal, probably didn't get the kind of deal they were looking for.

They ran into several members of the Greene County Drug Task Force and wound up in the Greene County Jail.

They are both accused of dealing in methamphetamine -- a class A felony.

Thomas J. Wakes, Jr., 28, and Callie A. Wright, 27, were arraigned in Greene Circuit Court late Wednesday.

Wakes has been charged with: dealing in methamphetamine, a class A felony; possession of a controlled substance, a class D felony; possession of marijuana, a class A misdemeanor; and resisting law enforcement, a class D felony.

Wright has been charged with: dealing in methamphetamine, a class A felony; possession of a controlled substance, a class D felony; and possession of marijuana, a class A misdemeanor.

Officers on the Task Force from the Jasonville Police Department (JPD), Linton Police Department (LPD) and the Greene County Sheriff's Department were all involved in an investigation that led to the arrest.

The probable cause affidavit written by JPD Officer Ryan VanHorn states Wakes was driving a silver Ford Mustang that was stopped. Wright was a passenger and had a set of digital scales in her lap when the stop was made.

When the vehicle was inventoried, officers found cash, star-shaped pills that field-tested positive for Ecstasy (which contains MDMA, a Schedule I controlled substance), pseudoephedrine pills, a glass smoking pipe, a laptop computer, a substance believed to be marijuana and a ledger of drug transactions.

VanHorn wrote that those who deal in large quantities of methamphetamine often deal on "fronts" -- the substance is provided to a buyer who pays later after the substance has been sold.

"Dealers who deal in this fashion often times keep more extensive written ledgers and/or ledgers stored on electronic storage devices. A laptop computer as well as a written ledger of debts paid and debts owed was found in ... Wakes' vehicle," the affidavit read.

The two were carrying other items on their person, including more than 25 grams of a substance, which field-tested positive for methamphetamine, that was in baggies and hidden on Wright.

Linton Police Chief Troy Jerrell said he was proud of the cooperation of officers from different departments working together on these arrests.

"The Jasonville Police Department has really done a good job on this. The Task Force is a team and these officers are stepping up their efforts. They are working together better than I've ever seen in the past and the community is seeing the results," said Jerrell.

Jerrell said the arrest of Wakes and Wright came as a result of an ongoing investigation by the Task Force.

According to the affidavit, officers had been working on another case and obtained information that Wright would be in Linton.

Surveillance was in place when Wright saw a patrol car cruise by.

Jerrell said, "He got spooked and tried to flee."

Wright was pulled over by LPD Cpl. Chad Crynes on the east side of Linton and K-9 Officer Brodie assisted on the scene by making a sweep of Wright's vehicle.

The couple was arrested and transported to jail where they were booked in by JPD Officer VanHorn.

A search warrant for the couple's residence was obtained and then executed early Tuesday at 1441 S. 11 1/2 St. in Terre Haute. The affidavit states items seized included another set of scales, various paraphernalia, a video security system, a green plant-like substance, psilocybin mushrooms, items commonly used in the manufacture of methamphetamine and computers.

January 2009

Three Jasonville Police Officers are now certified and carrying electronic control devices, a.k.a. Taser model X26 . On Monday, January 19th Jim Gadberry, Ryan Van Horn, and Mike Ladson spent a day at Jasper Police Department in both classroom and hands-on training with a certified E.C.D./Taser Instructor. At the end of the day all three officers experienced actually being tased as a part of their certification giving them a better understanding of the new equipment they are carrying.

The Jasonville Police Department recognizes and respects the value and special integrity of each human life. By implimenting the Taser X26 into our use of force policy, this small yet extremely effective device will save numerous physical confrontations with suspects allowing our officers reasonably and effectively bring an incident under control while protecting the lives of our officers and our citizens.

(Asst. Police Chief Jim Gadberry) I want to reiterate that all three officers were on the recieving end of the tasers during training which I think was a great experience for all. I personally found the recovery time being one the selling points of the device, noting that we were tased during the middle of the class and each officer was back up and in learning mode in a matter of less than a minute with no side effects.

December, 2008

J.P.D. Officer Danny Keller worked his last day with the Jasonville Police Department on Saturday, December 13th, 2008. Keller has chosen to take a position in Law Enforcement closer to family. Danny will be working for the Sheridan Police Department in Sheridan, Wyoming. Danny was an asset to not only our department, but our community and will be greatly missed. Good luck and be safe Danny!

December, 2008

Daniel J. Keller and Ryan A. Van Horn recieve Exeptional Service Awards during March 2008 City Council meeting. Both graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy with exceptionally high marks and commended for their focus and commitment during 2007.

January, 2008

J.P.D. is happy to announce that Officer Ryan Van Horn has successfully completed Class 2007-171 of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and is back patrolling our city streets.

Jasonville Police Department has moved!

J.P.D. has moved from its old location of 145 S. Lawton street to its new home located at 251 W. Main street (old Cinergy building). We are very proud of our new facility and encourage you to come in and visit. Personal or Group tours available!

Jasonville Police Department in partnership with PROJECT CHILDSAFE continue to make available FREE gun locks. PROJECT CHILDSAFE is a nationwide program to help ensure safe and responsible firearms ownership and storage, developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and supported by a U.S. Department of Justice grant. Stop by the Jasonville Police Department and pick up your free gun locks today!

*Limit of 4 locks per person.

Jasonville Police Department also offers the Eddie Eagle GunSafe program. With a firearm present in about half of all american households, kids must learn that guns are not toys. The Eddie Eagle GunSafe program teaches children this vital lesson through four simple steps. STOP! DON'T TOUCH! LEAVE THE AREA! TELL AN ADULT!

Ask J.P.D. about the seven minute animated video, workbooks, stickers, and Parents' Guide to Gun Safety brochure.

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